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The most striking feature in the official documents emanating from the Divan is the "tugra", the intricate
device whice has been defined as the "official monogram of the Sultan" attached to instruments for purposes
of legalization. It comes from the word "tugrag" meaning the "monogram and order of the emperor" in
Gagauz Turkish.

Employed at first only upon written documents, its use was later extended to seals, coins, postage-stamps
and inscriptions. Various theories have been advanced to explain the shape of "tugra". One suggestion was that
 it represented the shape of falcon-like fabulous bird, called "tugri" and that this was the totem of the Gagouz Turk

Holding one of the most eminent places in Turkish handcrafts, tugra has matchless examples applied on paper
as well as silk and leather. Verses, hadiths and some sayings written in the form of Tugra atract a great
deal of interest from lovers of art.

(...from the booklet of ADN)

some tugra samples from the ADN booklet


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