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Etymologically originating from the word "ebr" in Persian, which means "cloud", marbling can be
defined as waterface painting.

A mixture of "tragacanth" (a gummy subsatance derived from shrubs) and water is prepared in a large mouthed vessel.
The powder paints sprinkled onto the surface of water and tragacanth mixture are transferred to a piece of raw
and absorbing paper suitable for the application. Maximum care should be taken while laying and lifting the absorbing
paper not to smear the upper surface.

The master of marbling art made his brushes, from rose stem and horse tail and generally created his compositions
 using the trditional patterns. However, if the master creates a unique pattern of his own, such pattern is named
after him after general acceptance of his work. Examples of such denominations are barut marbling
(Hikmet Barutcugil" and necmettin ebrusu (Necmettin Okyay).

Akkase ebru, ebrulu akkase, battal ebru, somaki ebru, hafif ebru, tarli ebru, gelgit ebru, yazili ebru
are other acquired denomations.

(...from the booklet of ADN)

some ebru (marbling) samples from the ADN booklet


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