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Engraving started off delivering great works as of 15th century, especially with Albrecht Durer (1471-1528).
Actually, until Albrecht Durer, engraving had not been adequately defined to acquire a separate identity.

Engraving is a type of art with using the method of engraving. The design is drawn on the surface of the soft
ores like copper, zinc and brass, by engraving with tempered steel-pointed pens; or by transfering the drawing
 onto the paper with print ink. There are plenty of different techniques involved in engraving. For example,
the draving can be done on the lacquer, which the metal plate can be covered with. The plate is placed into acid.
The acid creates cavities as it moves along the draving lines on the lacquer layer and reaches the metal.
The design is transfered onto a special paper by a technique called photo gravure.

(...from the booklet of ADN)

some gravur (engraving) samples from the ADN booklet


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