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Kar-i Kadim (Classical) Karagöz Scenarios

*Ağalık  (The Rich Gentleman)
"Karagoz becomes rich by breaking the confidence of a rich Persian who had entrusted
 him with some large sums of money. He then tries to deal with each person who wants to be
 employed by him."

*Aptal Bekçi veya Çivi Baskını  (The Silly Watchman or The 'Nail' Raid)
"Two courtesans rent are installed in a house belonging to Karagoz. He suspects that the women
are dissolute and capricious. The women agree on a pass-word for their lovers. This password
is 'nail', but a special nail. Everytime Karagoz tries to enter, he is always unsuccessful as he
has only half the pass-word. Thus he is unable to enter, although he list by name every
possible kind of nail. Men come one by one each giving the right password and an orgy begins.
Eventually Karagoz manages to enter too. But finally Matiz arrives and is furious to find
that they are having an orgy in a respectable neighbourhood, turning the house into
bowdy house. However, eventually he forgives them all."

*Bahçe  (The Garden)
"Celibi has a garden. He entrusts Hacivat with the running and concern af the garden and Hacivat
recommends that he make it into a pleasure garden. Karagoz wants to get a job as a pipe
player in the garden but Hacivat, who is the manager refuses. Several people came and enter
the garden. When Matiz cames, he says that in a respectable neighbourhood dancing and
merriment cannot be allowed so he shuts the garden down until a licence is obtained."

Bakkallık (The Grocery)
Bursalı Leyla (Leyla from Bursa)

*Büyük Evlenme (The Big Wedding)
"This includes a long parade in which the bride's dowry is displayed. On her wedding night,
Karagoz's bride bears a child who is saucy, impertinent and swears obscenely and blasphemously
from the moment he is born."

*Cambazlar (The Rope Walkers)
"In this play, we find a series of incidents which have no relation to one each other.
First Karagoz learns witchcraft from a sorcerer. Than he practices his magical knowledge by
producing from an earthenware jar some of Hacivat's belongings.These were in fact given by
Hacivat's doughter to her boy friend. Karagoz rides on donkey and encounters three girls with
whom he converses. He later gets involved with tight rope walker, during which he falls from
the rope and dies. The gypsies then come to carry his coffin but Karagoz comes to life again."

*Cazular  (The Witches)
"Two rival witches (Nakayi Cazu and Azraka Banu), respectively have a son and a daughter,
 who are in love but have quarreled. The girl asks her mother to bewitch the boy.
 Then Azraka Banu turns the boy into a goose. After that the girl feels sorry for her lover and
 asks her mother to turn him back into a human. The boy, who gets angry because of all that
 happened asks his own mother to turn the girl into a donkey. Nakayi Cazu does so.
 This time the boy feels sorry for his lover and asks his mother to turn his lover back into a human.
 While the boy was a goose and the girl was a donkey Karagoz came and spit on their faces
 and make fun of them. The two witches who feel angry of that turn Karagoz into a donkey.
 After a while, Hacivat comes and finds Karagoz the donkey weeping and crying and begins to say
 a prayer that he made on his own. The witches turn Hacivat into a goat.
 Karagoz and Hacivat begin to discuss and then quarrel on being a donkey and being a goat.
 Hacivat prays again and they come to their original shape."

Kütahya yada Çeşme  (Kutahya or The Fountain)
Ferhat ile Şirin  (Ferhat and Sirin)
Hamam  (The Public Bath)

*Kanlı Kavak  (The Bloody Poplar)
"The son of the famous minstrel, Hasan has been imprisoned by the djin of the bewitched poplar tree.
 When his father implores the spirit to return his son, the djin does so. Meanwhile Karagoz
, who has been rude to the tree, is bewitched and deformed by the djin.
 Eventually Hacivat rescues him, and changes him back to his normal shape. To take revenge,
 Karagoz tries to chop down the tree but forester Albanian stops and punishes him.
 In another version, the djin, before kidnapping the child, kidnaps several people passing by."

Kanlı Nigar  (The Bloody Nigar)

*Kayık  (The Boat)
"Karagoz and Hacivat, both being unemployed and deserted by their wives, decide to work as
boatman. They hire out a boat to those who want to cross one side of bosphorus to the other.
They encounter various difficulties and funny episodes with their customers."

*Kırgınlar (The Offended)
"Karagoz kills Hacivat and his three stupid brothers, hides them in a large earthenware jar and
sits on it. Hacivat's cunnings son succeeds in moving Karagoz from his seat and reveals the murder.
Tuzsuz Deli Bekir is going to panish him but later he is forgiven."

Mal Çıkartma (The Treasure Hunting)
Mandıra (The Diary Farm)

*Meyhane  (The Tavern)
"This play depicts the adventures of a notorious drunkard called Bakri Mustafa"

*Salıncak  (The Swing)
"Karagoz and Hacivat hire out a swing to their customers (namely the Gentleman (Celebi),
 the Lady (Zenne), the Opium Addict and the Drunkard) and Karagoz swindles his partner,
 Hacivat, of his share of the takings. To check up on Karagoz's story that nobody has come
 to be swung, Hacivat disguises himself as an old woman and finds out the truth. Later a Jew
 comes to be swung and dies after falling from the swing. Hacivat goes to Balat
 (the part of Istanbul where mostly Jews used to live) and calls some other Jews together with
 a rabbi to take the dead man. When they come Karagoz says:
 "The Gypsy and the Jew do exactly the opposite." and lies down, then the Jew rises from
 the coffin making all other run away in panic except Karagoz."

*Sünnet (The Circumcision)
"Karagöz, though a full grown man, is circumcized unwillingly like a little boy. The ceremony includes
the usual spectacles and amusements to distract the boy who lies in bed after the cirrcumcision."

*Şairlik  (The Poetry Contest)
"Celebi asks Hacivat if he knows a good poet to enter the poetry contest he holds
 and Hacivat recommends Karagoz. Karagoz enters the contest and beats all the other poets
 (namely Hasan the Minstrel, Arab, Beberuhi the Dwarf, the Opium Addict and the Man from Kayseri.)
 He wins the prize not by his talent in improvising poems on given rhymes and themes,
 but by making fun of the other poets with puns and jokes."

Tahir ile Zühre (Tahir And Zuhre)
Tahmis (The Coffee Grinding)

*Ters Evlenme veya Sahte Gelin (The Wrong Marriage or The False Bride)
"Karagoz is made to disguise himself as a prospective bride to Matiz, in order to make him wow
not to drink again. In fact on the nuptial night when Matiz lifts the veil of his bride and finds
a bearded Karagoz instead a beautiful bride, he learns his lesson."

*Tımarhane  (The Madhouse)
"Karagoz, by talking too much to madmen who escaped from an asylum, himself showssigns
 of insanity. Hacivat throws him in the bedlam and chains him up. A few people make fun of
 him and a Greek (or Italian) doctor recommends absurd drugs to cure him. Later,
 Hacivat saves him from the madhouse."

*Orman  (The Forest)
"Karagoz, while running an open air coffee house becomes the unwilling accomplice
 of some highwaymen. They are caught after they have robbed several travelers."

*Ortaklar (The Partners)
"Karagoz merries a second time, and the religious ceremony is performed by a priest who reciets
nonsensical prayers. Karagoz's mother-in-law continuously pesters Karagoz by her visits.
Later Karagoz's first wife arrives and Karagoz tries to soothe her and hush the matter up but
both first and second wives claim their right over him. The first wife's sister's husband, Matiz,
arrives and threatens Karagoz but later forgives him."

Pehlivanlar veya Odullu  (The Wrestlers or The Purse)
Yalova Sefası (Pleasure Trip To Yalova)

*Yazıcı  (The Public Scribe)
"Unemployed, Karagoz becomes a public scribe in a haunted shop which he rents from Hacivat,
 where he writes nonsensical letters for his clients( namely the Lady (Zenne), the Gentleman (Celebi),
 Laz, Baba Himmet from Kastamonu, Greek and the Opium Addict). Celebi tells Karagoz that
 the shop is haunted by a djin and in return Karagoz tells this to Hacivat. But Hacivat, doubting that
 Karagoz may renounce renting his shop, tells Karagoz this is not true and even if a djin may appear
 Karagoz can make him leave the place by saying a prayer he teaches. Later the djin appears,
Karagoz and Hacivat say the prayer that Hacivat recommended but the djin is not effected and hits Karagoz
 in the head. Karagoz, becoming so angry because of Hacivat's lies, beats him."

from the books "Karagöz-Turkish shadow theatre" by Metin AND &
 "Karagöz terimler sözlüğü" by Uğur GÖKTAŞ


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